Ubisoft and Warner Bros. developing ‘Ghost Recon’ film with Michael Bay.


ghost recon film

Video game developer Ubisoft continues to expand their major franchises into the realm of feature films, with Michael Fassbender attached to Assassin’s Creed and Tom Hardy poised to star in Splinter Cell. Now it looks like Ghost Recon will be the next series to make the transisiotn, with Variety reporting that Michael Bay will develop a film adaptation for Warner Bros. with his production company, Platinum Dunes.

A screenwriter is expected to be hired in the next few weeks, and depending on the finished product, Bay might also direct the film. Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO Jean Julien Baronnet called Bay a “master” of action filmmaking, and had this to say about the studio’s vision for Ghost Recon:

“These guys don’t belong to any specific organization. They’re in the field where the U.S. troops are not supposed to be. It’s a small team with very strong personalities and very specific skill sets. They’re using weapons nobody knows about but it’s very grounded. It’s not sci-fi.”