Two new images of Johnny Depp in “Dark Shadows.”


Last time we complained about not seeing a trailer for a film written by Seth Grahame-Smith, the trailer appeared within 24 hours. Hopefully, we’ll have the same result here – Grahame-Smith also scripted the upcoming Tim Burton adaptation of Dark Shadows, and while we’ve been on the receiving end of a steady stream of photos, we’re still patiently awaiting a trailer.

Johnny Depp portrays Barnabas Collins, a wealthy 18th-century playboy that finds himself turned into a vampire after an unfortunate encounter with a sorceress (Eva Green). In a recent interview with Badass Digest, Grahame-Smith dropped a few hints about the tone of the film:

“The tone of the movie is soap operatic. It’s heightened. Everything is heightened and grand. Johnny [Depp] is just dug in and big. [Starts hamming it up] ‘Didn’t you see? How… could you? My god, woman!’… There’s an absurdist element to it. It’s very funny. I don’t think people are expecting it to be as funny as it is… It’s PG-13, so there’s not gore, there are no hardcore scares, but there’s some crazy Barnabas vampire s**t in this movie that will surprise people in terms of its ferocity.”

Check out two new images below, including a look at Eva Green’s character.

Dark Shadows will open on May 11, 2012.