TV Review: ‘The Shannara Chronicles – Reaper’


This week, we finally get an idea of who Amberle’s father is. He helped instill in her a desire to be part of the Chosen, and was valued by the king. I’m super curious how she’s related to the crown – I’m guessing that she’s the Elf King’s niece or granddaughter. That would explain how she’s a princess, but not the daughter of the queen.

Half Elf is really regretting banging the rover chick. Last week, we saw that it hurt Amberle, and it was obvious that a wall went up. That wall is still firmly in place this week, and after her trip into the Ellcrys Tree and the vision she saw within, she wasn’t the same. She started by exhibiting signs of being a typical girl falling for a mysterious new man, but now she’s goal focused, knows what her duties are and won’t let her feelings stand in the way. 

Psychic Ben is also learning about himself. He’s spent a number of years in fear of himself, which seems to have prevented him from learning more about his powers. His parents were scared of him and had locked him away in their barn, which is what ultimately saved him from the demons, but all these experiences built up to having some serious mental issues. I’m sure we’d all feel a little fucked up if our families thought we were evil.

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Allanon seems to be taking an interest in Psychic Ben and helping him develop powers. This is when I notice that Allanon didn’t go with Amberle and Half Elf to the Bloodfire. Am I wrong in thinking this is weird? Allanon is the last druid and knows a thing or two about magic. If I was Amberle and headed to some mysterious place with the only hope of saving everyone from a shit load of demons, I would certainly want the most magical person in the whole story to be with me. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if this was a good or bad decision.

We’re learning a lot more about the demon Hierarchy. The last few episodes they’ve shown us one specific demon who appears to be the leader. From a visual effects standpoint, he looks amazing, and I continue to be impressed with the costume designers. They’ve really gone above and beyond to make the demons look very real. The leader has piercings down the whole bridge of his nose and looks super wicked (not the fun kind) – thankfully I’m not the one he’s after, because I don’t see being locked in a dungeon with him being too much fun. Allanon, on the other hand…

We also learned that someone left out of the Bloodfire mission doesn’t trust Amberle to accomplish her task. This was going against the King’s orders, which to me sounds like they’re getting ready to dish themselves up a big bowl of treason, and definitely caused a rift between some of the characters remaining at the Elven Castle. Somehow, I don’t see this developing into skipping through fields of daisies.

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Side note – stay away from IMDB if you don’t want to know which two characters won’t make it to the end of the season. I made that mistake already, so thanks IMDB for the spoiler. At least you have me to warn YOU.  

Overall, Reaper was a great episode of The Shannara Chronicles. I really enjoy the look of the show and the dynamic between the characters. MTV is doing an awesome job at breaking away from reality television. If this was an all-in bet, I have a feeling they may be winning the grand prize. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

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Love the direction of the story. Strong female leads continue to please. Building of the demon forces finally come to a head with our adventurers. Amazing detail in the costuming. A sight for sore eyes on the MTV network.

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