TV Review: ‘The Shannara Chronicles – Changeling’


A lot happened in the last episode of The Shannara Chronicles, and we finally know what the epic quest is that we totally knew was coming. The Ellcrys Tree is dying and as each leaf falls, a demon is released. To save the tree, members of The Chosen must take a seed from the Ellcrys Tree to the Bloodfire. What the Bloodfire is, we have NO idea. They didn’t explain much; from what I can gather based off the name, there’s fire and blood. Crazy, right?

The episode starts with Amberlee, that last remaining member of The Chosen, taking a trip into the tree to retrieve the necessary seed. While in the tree a ton of stuff happens, and I was left feeling super confused and really bad for Amberlee. She takes this information and throws up some serious walls that I think may end up hurting her in the long run. However, she sees this symbol while in the tree and draws it for the others after coming out – I can totally see this being one of those things people end up getting tattooed on them when they become huge fans of this show.

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The main focus of this episode – outside of setting up for the quest – is the fact that a traitor has found its way into the Elven castle. Allanon’s being his mysterious self and is visibly annoyed this traitor isn’t on his magical radar, and things get pretty dicey when the demons show their power and wreak some havoc. The fact the our traitor also has the ability to change shape – hence the episode title – makes it much harder for the others to protect themselves.

Eretria gets in WAY over her head. She’s sent on a mission to get back the Elf Stones and sneaks her way into the Elf castle. I giver her major credit for what she pulls with Half Elf to try and get them, but it’s going to bother Amberlee in a big way. It’s becoming more apparent what Eretria’s motives are – last week, we learned that she has a strict moral code about killing. She will not do it because someone makes her do it, which I totally love. 

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I’m also becoming super curious about the leader of the Rovers (James Remar). Last week, we learned that he was Eretria’s father, a vicious man who will do anything he can to get the Elf Stones. This week, he continued to exhibit those same qualities, and I’m curious to see how far he’s really willing to go, and why he wants the Elf Stones so bad.

Changeling was definitely a transition episode, setting up for their epic adventure to the Bloodfire, but it feels like it carries more weight than your standard transition episode. When this happens in other series, there’s usually nothing notable to push the story along but nothing major happens. The writers for The Shannara Chronicles were able to introduce a new adversary – the traitor – and keep the action moving along while setting things up for the quest to come. 

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Continued development of an epic quest to the Bloodfire to save the Ellcrys Tree. Relationships are in question and Amberlee is learning more about her new role as a member of The Chosen.

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