‘The Sidekick’ trailer: Rob Benedict’s superhero sitcom.


Where the live-action version of The Tick may have been just a little too ahead of its time, the absurdity of being a superhero is perfectly captured in The Sidekick. Creator and star Ron Benedict has assembled a star-studded cast of good friends to help him answer an important question: what happens to a hero when he gets past his prime? What is life like on the downside of being a hero, or more appropriately, a sidekick?

Benedict plays Max, the recently fired sidekick to Ron Livingston’s hero, Captain Wonder, and is surrounded by a host of talented costars, including Lizzy Caplan, Richard Speight, Jordan Peele, Josh Meyes, Jason Ritter, and several others. The focus is really on the moments between all the punching: enjoying the downtime, hanging out with pals, and just being a normal guy walking around the laundromat… in tights.

So where can you find The Sidekick? I was fortunate enough to catch it during its debut at Comic Con 2013, and ever since then the short has been making the festival rounds. Benedict is hoping the positive buzz will open the doors for a televised version, or possibly a web series. Slightly edgy and full of dark humor, in my opinion it would fit perfectly on a network like FX. In the meantime, you can click below to sample the trailer, and check out the full list of upcoming screenings at the official site.



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