‘The Four Players’ offers a darker, grittier version of ‘Super Mario Bros.’


Snow White and the Huntsman writer Evan Daugherty certainly proved that he could put a darker spin on a beloved tale, but his latest endeavor is even more bizarre: he wrote and directed a series of four short films that reimagines the world of Super Mario Bros. Yes, that sounds crazy, but trust me when I say that these shorts are absolutely fantastic. Check them out below:

The Fixer (Mario)


The Addict (Luigi)

The Soldier (Toad)

The Star (Princess Peach)

The production values here are pretty impressive, especially in The Soldier. While there has been no announcement regarding another installment that will combine all the characters into a larger narrative, we would love to see an ongoing web series set in this world. As longtime gamers, we had a lot of fun searching through each video and discovering references to the Super Mario Bros. universe.

For more on The Four Players, be sure to check out the Polaris YouTube channel.


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