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Movie Reviews straight outta compton movie review 02 9.0

As a nerdy white kid growing up in small-town Indiana, I wasn’t exposed to a lot of rap music – basically, if an artists wasn’t featured on the radio, I didn’t know they existed – and my first encounter with N.W.A. came courtesy of my older brother. There was a copy of a particular CD that he probably shouldn’t have owned at…

Movie Reviews 22 jump street review 01

One of the key things I enjoyed about 21 Jump Street was watching Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill being thrust into situations that allowed them to play completely against type, and much of the film’s humor was derived from this idea. The success of the first film ensures that audiences will know what to expect, and 22 Jump Street deftly…

Movie Trailers 22 jump street trailer

21 Jump Street (see our review here) was a rare example of a recognizable franchise being successfully updated for a modern audience. The film was incredibly funny, and gave me a whole new appreciation for the comedic talents of Channing Tatum as he worked alongside Jonah Hill in a goofy send-up of the original television series. With the film’s success, it…