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CONFIRMED: Gary Ross will not direct ‘Hunger Games’ sequel.

gary ross leaves hunger games

After rampant speculation over the past few days about whether or not The Hunger Games director Gary Ross would stay on for the sequel, Catching Fire, Deadline has confirmed that Ross has elected to step down and leave the project. Apparently, Lionsgate executives are “in shock” at the release of the following statement from Ross: “Despite recent speculation in the ... Read More »

UPDATE: Director Gary Ross leaves ‘Hunger Games’ sequel… or does he?

gary ross leaves hunger games

[UPDATED 4/7/2012 @ 12:13pm] According to Deadline, reports that director Gary Ross has walked away from the Hunger Games franchise are “simply not accurate.” The article states that Ross is currently vacationing with his family and can’t be reached for an official comment, but cites “multiple sources” close to the production of Catching Fire that say Ross has not withdrawn. ... Read More »

Two new behind-the-scenes videos for ‘The Hunger Games.’

hunger games behind the scenes

More news from The Hunger Games today, as Entertainment Tonight recently aired two short featurettes on the film’s production, including a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, and interviews with several of the cast members. Both videos are available below – have a look, and make sure you check out our interview with star Liam Hemsworth.     ... Read More »

New 60-second TV spot for ‘The Hunger Games.’

hunger games tv spot swift

Lionsgate has released yet another TV spot for their upcoming adaptation of The Hunger Games, this time with musical accompaniment by Taylor Swift, who contributed to the film’s soundtrack. Most of the footage is recycled, but the haunting tone of the song sets a very melancholy mood. Have a look.   Every year in the ruins of what was once ... Read More »

“The Hunger Games” gets two new TV spots.

hunger games TV spots

Advance tickets are now on sale for the March 23 premiere of The Hunger Games, and Lionsgate continues to whet our appetites with plenty of promotional material. The latest comes in the form of two brand-new TV spots for the film – most of the footage is stuff we’ve seen before, but there are a handful of new shots in ... Read More »

New hi-res production photos from “The Hunger Games.”

hunger games jan header

The Hunger Games is on a lengthy list of highly-anticipated films slated to hit theaters in 2012, and after a nice-looking trailer and a handful of character-centric posters, Lionsgate (courtesy of Collider) has just unveiled a small collection of production photos. Click the thumbnails below for the super hi-res versions of each shot. Jennifer Lawrence still looks perfect as Katniss ... Read More »

“Hunger Games” viral campaign reveals new poster.

On Thursday afternoon, a viral marketing campaign for The Hunger Games saw 100 “puzzle pieces” being distributed to 100 different websites, tasking fans with the quest to locate them all and piece them together to reveal the latest poster for the film.  Check out the finished product below. The Hunger Games will be released on March 23, 2012.   Read More »

First full-length trailer for “The Hunger Games.”

hunger games katniss header

After slowly and steadily building the hype with character posters and an all-too-brief teaser, Lionsgate has finally given us our first real look at The Hunger Games by debuting the first theatrical trailer.  Have a look.   From the looks of this trailer, the filmmakers have done a remarkable job of accurately bringing the world of Panem to life.  The ... Read More »

New posters from “The Hunger Games” show off principle cast.

hunger games katniss header

Wow, I must be slipping.  Apparently these character posters from The Hunger Games have been floating around for a couple of weeks, but I somehow managed to be unaware of their existence.  Check out the gallery for a look at some of the headlining cast in next year’s adaptation. From the top, we have Cato (Alexander Ludwig), Cinna (Lenny Kravitz), ... Read More »

Steven Soderbergh talks “Hunger Games” involvement.


Last month, we reported that Steven Soderbergh had joined director Gary Ross on the set of The Hunger Games in order to shoot some 2nd unit footage.  This resulted in rampant speculation about the status of the film, as well as the reasoning behind Soderbergh’s involvement.  Here’s the official word from the man himself, courtesy of an interview with Moviefone: ... Read More »

Steven Soderbergh enters “The Hunger Games.”

There are no words that can even begin to express how excited I am for The Hunger Games.  It’s hard to imagine that a few months ago, I had never even heard of the series.  After seeing the casting news begin to trickle out and coming across a synopsis, I decided to give it a try in order to familiarize ... Read More »


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