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Movie Trailers 21 jump street red band trailer 2

We’re just over one week away from the release of 21 Jump Street, and Columbia Pictures is making a last-minute marketing push with a new red band trailer, which makes it very clear that the tone of the reboot is far removed from that of the original television series. Some of this material was seen in the original red band…

Movie News 21 jump street poster header

Columbia has released a slightly different trailer for next year’s 21 Jump Street remake, featuring a handful of new scenes amongst a lot of footage that was featured in the previous trailer. They’ve also unveiled the first look at the theatrical poster, which features one of the funnier tag lines in recent memory. Thanks to Digital Spy for the trailer.…

Movie Trailers 21 JUMP STREET

I’ll be honest – I’ve never been thrilled with the idea of a 21 Jump Street remake, and having Channing Tatum attached didn’t do much to change my mind.  But with Jonah Hill also involved, I’ve tried to maintain an open mind and give the project the benefit of the doubt.  Now the first trailer has arrived in all its…