Superman to Cameo in ‘Supergirl’ Pilot for CBS


Get ready for a double dose of Kryptonians, as it appears Superman will cameo in the pilot for the upcoming TV Series Supergirl for CBS. According to a casting breakdown discovered by Kryptonsite, the production is looking for someone to serve as a “photo double” for an iconic DC Comics superhero. Sounds vague, right? Not when the casting call follows up instructing applicants to put “SUPERMAN” as the subject line of the email.

The casting breakdown also mention applicants must be around 5’11 or taller, squared jawed, and have a ripped physique. Obviously the Warner Bros. TV-produced show is looking to give Superman a presence on Supergirl without having to establish him as regular character or a particular actor.

This approach makes a lot of sense, and we even suggested this exact scenario a few times on the Drinks and Discourse podcast. As much fun as it would be to have Superman back on TV on a weekly basis, this show shouldn’t be about Kara/Supergirl being some sort of glorified sidekick, she should be able to finally be thoroughly explored as a character. But on the flip side, no reference of Clark Kent/Superman in the show would create an annoying elephant in the room, so Berlanti and Co. have a fine line to walk with this show.

The decision to keep the cameo visually vague also doesn’t step on the toes of the big screen DC Universe, that currently has Henry Cavill sporting the S-Shield in the upcoming blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as well the planned Justice League films.

There’s also a third possible scenario, where they film a scene with the Superman body double and it ends up on the cutting room floor, as pilot episodes are notorious for being re-cut and re-shot before airing on TV if they are picked up by the network. But it’s nice to know the showrunners are keeping Kara’s cousin in mind when crafting their new corner of the Superman mythos on television.


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