‘Supergirl’ Casts ‘Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin as Superman


Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin has been cast as superman for the upcoming second season of Supergirl, now joining The CW. Hoechlin joins the ranks of Henry Cavill, Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh and the rest of the beloved league of Superman actors lucky enough to don the S-shield.

Clark Kent/Superman will appear in the first two episodes of the upcoming season alongside his television cousin Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist). Head “Flarrow”-verse nerd Andrew Kreisberg went on the record to talk about the casting:

“Greg [Berlanti] and I have wanted to work with Tyler for ages, so this worked out perfectly because Tyler is Superman. We are so thrilled and humbled to add another amazing actor to the legacy of this iconic character.”

Hoechlin’s casting certainly wasn’t on the fan wish list radar, but you have to admit he has a Superman-ly look to him. It will be extremely interesting to see how Clark affects the CW’s DC TV universe since we don’t know yet exactly how Supergirl‘s Earth will be folded into the current Earth inhabited by Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

I’m not familiar with his work on Teen Wolf as werewolf Derek Hale, but hopefully since he’s a fairly unknown face he can truly embody the Man of Steel with little baggage when Supergirl returns for Season 2 this fall.

Source: EW


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