Set photos reveal Henry Cavill in “Man of Steel.”


Thanks to Super Hero Hype, we’ve got some great up-close and personal shots of Henry Cavill in costume on the set of Man of Steel.  Check them out below:

Cavill looks absolutely monstrous in these photos – he definitely has the most impressive physique of any Superman we’ve ever seen onscreen.  And I’m really digging the look of the costume, particularly the darker color palette and the stylized design of the sides and back.  Can’t wait to see how this all looks in action.


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  1. The costume colors remind me a lot of The Animated Series and Dean Cain versions.

    But Cavill looks spot on every level. I head many complaints about his “80”s Wall Street” hair in the first promo pic, but I think those nitpicks can be laid to rest now.

    But I hope he’s just not wearing the cape while in between shooting. And it’s not a choice to just drop the cape for battle scenes.

  2. From seeing how the camera is positioned on Cavill’s arm, it looks like this is a quick scene to capture a swing, punch, grab or something during a fight scene where the cape isn’t shown, so he wouldn’t need to wear the cape.

    It could also be a choreography rehearsal or re-take for SFX placement.

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