Ryan Reynolds talks ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Green Lantern 2.’


Rob Liefeld rekindled the hopes of Deadpool fans everywhere last month at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con, dropping hints that Fox had shot eight minutes of test footage for the long-gestating Deadpool movie. Ryan Reynolds has been attached to the project for a long time, and recently spoke to IGN about the status of the film.


“The script, I think, is fantastic. It has been developed even further in the last three months or so. The film has to be rated R, and it has to be done a certain way, it has to do all these things that I am sure can worrisome for the guys cutting the checks for it. So if it’s going to be done, it needs to be done right.”

Reynolds also mentions that this version of the Deadpool character will have absolutely no connections to the version portrayed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which should be a relief to just about everyone.

When asked if a Green Lantern sequel might be forthcoming, Reynolds had this to say:

“I have no idea. Those movies have huge scale budgets and those kinds of things. Working in budget world like that is not fun, because you have a lot of investment and outcome.”

Considering the disappointing box office performance of the first Green Lantern film, this is hardly a surprise. The production budget for Green Lantern was estimated to be in the $200 million range, and with the film only hauling in $116 million domestically, the idea of throwing more money at the franchise certainly seems like a poor investment.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on any Deadpool or Green Lantern 2 news as soon as we hear it.