[REVIEW ROUND-UP] “Syndicate.”


Xbox 360, PS3, PC
February 21, 2012
Metacritic Score: (74/100)

Joystiq: (80/100) Starbreeze may have opted to go the route of this generation’s most profitable genre for its Syndicate reboot, but the soul of the series has survived. Its well worn narrative trappings hold your attention for the most part, but the real treat is in the execution of Syndicate’s gameplay.”

Game Informer: (80/100) “The career can be beaten in less than 10 hours, and while it didn’t blow me away, I enjoyed Starbreeze’s take on the future of combat. The mix of over 20 weapons (my favorite is the laser beam) and chip abilities gives you plenty of options when faced with conflict. Even though the story is extremely predictable, the key characters and intriguing backdrops keep you engaged.”

Gamespot: (75/100) Syndicate is a game of thrills and missed opportunities. And so it’s important to know what you want from this shooter before you commit. Come to it for the thrills of joining a team and mowing down gunners like so many weeds in a Colorado research facility. There are numerous games better at providing single-player satisfaction, however, and this is where Syndicate falters.”

IGN: (75/100) Syndicate falls into this trap, telling a boring tale of swapping allegiances amidst flurries of gunfire. Yet it escapes the just-another-shooter label by executing an entertaining co-op mode, fun, manipulative gameplay, and good scoring ideas — it just doesn’t take them far enough to be great.”

Eurogamer: (70/100) “If Starbreeze had snubbed convention and made a strategic co-op shooter with a global reach, it could have been amazing. As it is, it’s the sort of almost-there effort that entertains for now but will likely be forgotten by Christmas. Pick it up for the highly enjoyable co-op, but just don’t expect it to outlast its FPS rivals.”

Destructoid: (65/100) “It is almost fitting that Syndicate‘s world revolves around cold steel cities and heartless corporations, because cold and heartless is certainly the feeling one gets after playing. Its sterile environments are clean and spartan by deliberate design, but serve the unintended purpose of personifying Starbreeze’s modern reboot to its core. It’s a gorgeous game, very easy on the eyes despite the overzealous use of lighting and bloom, but beyond the pretty visuals lies an empty void where its soul should be.”