[REVIEW ROUND-UP] “The Darkness II.”


The Darkness II
Xbox 360, PS3, PC
February 7, 2012
Metacritic Score: (79/100)

IGN: (80/100) “The comic book style violence of The Darkness II doesn’t merely shock, but delivers a sense of empowerment. Series protagonist Jackie Estacado rampages through his enemies, ripping them limb from limb in a bloody dance. The way he bounds through environments, tossing parking meters, car doors and more this way and that, utilizing it to flaunt his destructive abilities is almost artful.”

G4TV: (80/100) “It oozes style, packs an emotional punch, and manages to be effectively balance bombastic violence with understated character development, ensuring that when the Darkness is unleashed you care. Just as Jackie finds himself a puppet of the Darkness’s will, I found myself unable to give up its seductive allure when the end credits rolled after a scant nine hours. Instead, I started straight away on new game.”

1UP: (75/100) “For all the bawling and wailing that happened on the Internet the day this sequel sans original developer Starbreeze was announced, I believe that new developer Digital Extremes has crafted an excellent adventure that furthers the grim adventures of Jackie Estacado, as he struggles to control an evil power lurking within him. And all of it is beautifully crafted in a graphic style that fits a comic creation brought to life.”

Destructoid: (75/100) The Darkness II succeeds far more than it fails. The single-player experience features some genuine emotion in its narrative, something games which don’t feature skull-extricating tentacles rarely manage to accomplish. And while the Vendettas cooperative multiplayer content feels lackluster by comparison, it’s not bad either and serves to pad out this short but otherwise delightful game.”

Game Informer: (75/100) “More of a rebirth for the series than the sequel it’s trying to be. The action is mindless and fevered, and Jackie has transformed from a vengeful protagonist into someone who probably listens to “Dream Weaver” as he cries himself to sleep. I found it to be an interesting journey.”

Eurogamer: (70/100) “What’s most refreshing is that, even in a game that goes out of its way to keep you moving, slashing, shooting and tearing your way through, it’s always driven by narrative. Indeed, this may be the most story-fixated shooter in years.”