[REVIEW ROUND-UP] “Resistance 3.”


Resistance 3
September 6, 2011
Score: (84/100)

IGN(90/100)  “The combination of a stellar single player campaign and multiplayer modes that are full of superbly-executed additions adds up to an overall package that has earned its place in the upper echelons of not just first party exclusives, but console shooters in general. If this truly is Insomniac’s last Resistance game for the foreseeable future, then the developer certainly went out with a bang… or perhaps more appropriately, an explosive growl.”

Joystiq(90/100)  “Put simply, Resistance 3 exchanges the genre’s all-too-familiar bravado for a pervasive and relentless air of desperation. It’s a subtle substitution, but it’s singlehandedly responsible for making Resistance 3 one of the most compelling shooters I’ve ever played.  In addition to the game’s underlying bleakness, Resistance 3 has inherited some of the best characteristics of its forefathers. For instance, much of the game takes place in our nation’s flyover states, turning the rarely represented heartland of the United States into a gauntlet of increasingly treacherous killing-plains. Alien battleplanets have been done to death — fictional cities buried deep in the heart of Oklahoma, however, are a much rarer breed.”

Eurogamer(80/100)  “This campaign feels designed to win over players weaned on the great story-led shooters of the 1990s, with open-ended encounters in well designed environments where player choice wins the day rather than rollercoaster funnelling. The AI isn’t spectacular, but it’s good enough that a change of weapon or a different strategy can radically alter the flow of a battle.  It’s just a shame that a studio that has proved so canny and imaginative in some areas remains so tethered to the obvious in others. The FPS is crying out for innovation and Insomniac is clearly a developer with the right combination of craft and creativity – so the presence of some hoary old clichés dampens the mood considerably.”

Game Informer(70/100)  “Insomniac approached Resistance 3 with no lack of ambition, expanding to a three-year development cycle in an effort to make this its biggest title yet. The team succeeds in some ways, as the various hand-written notes and journals you’ll find on your trek to New York City help to flesh out the story. However, more effort seems to have been put into minutia than the gameplay itself. With no reason to connect with these characters and little in the way of action to separate itself from the packed FPS crowd, Resistance 3 makes it clear that the series doesn’t belong amongst the triple-A competition in the genre.”

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