[REVIEW ROUND-UP] “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.”


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Xbox 360, PS3, PC
November 8, 2011
Metacritic Score: (90/100)

Destructoid: (95/100)  Modern Warfare 3 has to be commended on just how immersive it is. Featuring engaging player character animations and environments packed full of violent action, the game never once loses its grip on the player’s attention, compelling him or her to press ever onward in search of the next big “wow” moment.  Whether you like what it does is a matter of personal taste, but the skill and experience brought to the table is hard to refute. Modern Warfare 3 gets it done, and it gets it done damn well.”

1UP: (91/100)  “The campaign is solid and filled with thrill-ride stuff that doesn’t go as far off the rails as MW2. Spec Ops is fantastic for short missions that require team coordination to play. And Survival finally gives me a zombie-free Horde mode in COD that’s as fun, but filled with different tactical approaches. And then there’s the real reason most people love this series: competitive multiplayer.”

Joystiq: (90/100)  “The Modern Warfare franchise has twice set the bar for what this kind of blockbuster shooter should be, and Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t break the streak. It’s an incredible game, to be sure, and it’s undoubtedly another success for this franchise. Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer is some of the series’ strongest, and the co-op offerings have been expanded tenfold. Still, the unbelievable amount of resources that went into the game can’t help but give rise to an important question: Could Modern Warfare 3 have been even better?”

IGN: (90/100)  “The Call of Duty franchise is successful for a reason. No other first-person shooter has the same flair for visual spectacle in its singleplayer campaign, and few can match its utterly addictive multiplayer. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have refined and polished the Modern Warfare experience to produce the best of the series with the third installment.”

Game Informer: (90/100)  “When it comes down to it, Modern Warfare 3 meets expectations. The core elements of multiplayer and the campaign remain fundamentally unchanged, but the game serves as a great example of how many subtle tweaks can add up to an improved overall product. Even with the recent turmoil at Infinity Ward, the remnants of that team (in conjunction with Sledgehammer) have put together a worthy sequel to one of the most successful franchises of all time.”

Eurogamer(80/100)  “Whatever next year’s entry brings, some measure of reinvention will be essential. For now, its exuberant blend of testicular bravado and blockbuster gloss ensures that Call of Duty retains its crown as the shooter genre’s biggest, boldest rollercoaster ride for at least one more year.”


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