First Look at Red Tornado on ‘Supergirl’


Supergirl is expanding its list of iconic super-powered DC Comics characters with the addition of T.O. Morrow (aka Red Tornado), played by Iddo Goldberg (Salem, Peaky Blinders), in the show’s upcoming first season on CBS. Warner Bros TV has provided us with the first look at Red Tornado in his full red, robotic awesome-ness.

You can check out the official first look from Warner Bros. TV below:


I have to admit I was extremely skeptical when they announced Red Tornado was going to be showing up on Supergirl. But this photo looks like a pretty impressive live-action representation of the DC Comics android. The colors are muted and the “T” isn’t as pronounced as the comics counterpart, making for a much more plausible look for the character. In fact, the overall design is very reminiscent of The Vision’s look in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Here’s the official description of Iddo Goldberg’s role on the show:

RED TORNADO is the most advanced android the world has ever seen. Designed by scientist T.O. Morrow for the U.S. Army as the ultimate superweapon, he soon becomes sentient, posing a grave danger to National City — including the people Supergirl cares about most.

Sounds like he’ll be a threat before he’s a hero, much like a few incarnations of the character’s origin. Red Tornado should provide a real challenge to Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) as the android is extremely powerful.

Supergirl premieres on Monday, October 26th, exclusively on CBS.