Princess Leia Debuts and Vader Returns in ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Mid-Season Trailer


Star Wars Rebels returns next week on Disney XD for the second half of its phenomenal second season. The network has dropped the official trailer for the mid-season return and it’s got it all – Vader, Leia, Ahsoka, space battles, and all the Star Wars feels. 

Get your Star Wars fix via the official Star Wars YouTube page, or check out the embed below:

Star Wars Rebels’ first episode of 2016 is titled A Princess on Lothal, for obvious reasons, and will feature the debut of a young Princess Leia. This time out though, the character will not be played by Carrie Fisher but by voice actress Julie Dolan, who also plays the role of Leia in the Star Wars: Uprising mobile game.

And how about the surprise cameo featuring Ahsoka’s non-Vader-ized master? Fans have been dying to see these two characters meet after all this time, and seems they’ll finally get their wish at some point in the remainder of Season 2. There’s so much rich emotional baggage and drama to hash out between these two that it will make for fantastic, dramatic television.

Star Wars Rebels returns with A Princess on Lothal on Wednesday, January 20th at 9pm ET, only on Disney XD.