Photo Gallery: Disneyland’s ‘Iron Man Tech presented by Stark Industries’ exhibit.


It took longer than we thought, but Disney has finally begun integrating the Marvel universe into their theme parks, and the first major presence belongs to Tony Stark. Through September, Disneyland visitors can stop by Innoventions in the Tomorrowland section of the park to check out Iron Man Tech, presented by Stark Industries.

The exhibit features the Hall of Armor from Iron Man 3 (previously seen on display during Comic Con 2012), as well as several props from the Iron Man film series, posters and other memorabilia. Fans will also have a chance to Become Iron Man via an Xbox 360 Kinect game that works as a simulator for the Mark 42 suit from Iron Man 3, putting users through a series of tests and allowing them to fly around Stark’s lab in the armor.

Alyssa and I had an opportunity to check out the exhibit for ourselves last weekend, and it’s pretty spectacular. Enjoy the photos below, and if you have an opportunity to visit, we highly recommend it.


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