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Anyone with an interest in Japanese pop culture is no doubt familiar with the “idol” industry, which turns young girls into pop music superstars with a hugely devoted legion of fans. On the surface, that description doesn’t sound too dissimilar to the early experiences of performers like Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus – but when you take into account that most idols dress in skimpy schoolgirl outfits and perform for an audience largely composed of middle-aged men, it starts to feel a little creepy.

We’ve already seen a teaser trailer for IT, director Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel (which was previously turned into a miniseries). But just in case that first clip wasn’t terrifying enough, a new full-length trailer for the upcoming horror film has crawled out of the sewers. 

The dust is just now settling from another wild and memorable weekend for fans from around the globe that attended San Diego Comic-Con 2017. While we sort out our massive wealth of cast interviews from your favorite shows like Arrow, The Flash, Doctor Who and upcoming genre series like The Tick and The Orville, we thought we would share with you some of our favorite cosplay photos to quench your SDCC thirst.

After a tumultuous journey that nearly found him out of a job last season, Ballers protagonist Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) is back in full force as HBO’s football-themed dramedy returns to the airwaves this weekend. Spencer’s registration with the league has finally been approved, and a recent hip replacement has taken care of the nagging injury that plagued him throughout Season Two. But when he fails to deliver Steph Curry for an important business meeting between Anderson (Richard Schiff) and casino magnate Wayne Hastings Jr. (Steve Guttenberg), thus ruining the boss man’s hopes of getting into the gambling business, Spencer…

Around this time last year, the first season of Stranger Things premiered on Netflix, striking a chord with audiences thanks to its Amblin-inspired tone and its throwback to 80s-era storytelling techniques. A new season was greenlit fairly quickly, and this year at Comic-Con attendees were treated to an extended look at what the cast of Stranger Things will be up to when the series returns this fall.

Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con may have opened with Warner Bros., but the night belonged to Marvel Studios, who took the stage in Hall H to a thunderous ovation. As always, the Marvel panel was a lively affair full of hilarious banter between cast members and a ton of new footage – most of which was prepared especially for the fans in attendance.

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