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The journey of the world’s most iconic superheroine to her first solo adventure on the big screen has been a long and arduous one for DC Comic’s Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman. From an abandoned Joss Whedon film project in 2007 to an endless line of studio execs convinced a female could not anchor a major tentpole superhero film, it seemed the princess of Themyscira might never take her place in theaters as one of the comic book greats. Wonder no more fans, you can all breathe a huge sigh of relief and revel in the fact that…

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales brings the iconic Jack Sparrow back to the big screen for his fifth adventure in the blockbuster franchise and attempts to right the wrongs of the past few films. Most would agree that the franchise got progressively worse after the groundbreaking first installment and many felt the magic of the world that director Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp created was lost forever. While the new film looked like an utter cash grab, thankfully Dead Men Tell No Tales gets enough right to prove there are still Pirate tales worth telling.

Dwayne Johnson, the self-proclaimed “franchise Viagra” with an ever-growing list of huge opening weekends, will face his biggest box office challenge yet in just a few days, when his R-rated reboot of the cult television series Baywatch crosses swords with Johnny Depp and the return of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. That the films are targeting very different demographics goes without saying, but Disney’s long-running swashbuckler casts a wide net, and it should be interesting to find out if Johnson’s charisma can stand up to the lure of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Three years ago, writer-director Justin Simien’s Dear White People premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to near-universal acclaim from critics, who lauded the film’s mix of satire and social commentary as it focused on black culture and identity at a fictional Ivy League college. But Simien wasn’t done yet, and he’s spent the past past few years retooling Dear White People as a television series, which recently made its debut on Netflix.

Alien: Covenant is the direct sequel to the mostly critically maligned franchise prequel Prometheus. While initially I aggressively despised Prometheus like most critics, since its release I’ve slowly started to appreciate the prequel’s bold and unconventional approach to its huge scale science-fiction story. The philosophical ideas presented were fascinating and unique and every shot in the film is quite stunning, despite the tonal mess – especially in the awful third act.

Get Out is the best reviewed movie of 2017 on Rotten Tomatoes to date. This dark and unsettling break-out hit is deeply relevant to modern-day topics, captivating audiences with thrilling conflicts and danger at every turn. From the mind of Jordan Peele, the first African-American writer/director to cross $100 million at the box office with his debut film, Get Out arrives on Digital HD on May 9, 2017 and on Blu-ray™, DVD and On Demand on May 23, 2017 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

In June 2015 residents of Springfield, Missouri were shocked by the stabbing death of Dee Dee Blanchard, a woman well-known to locals as the caring mother of a 17-year-old daughter suffering from muscular dystrophy, leukemia, and a string of other illnesses that had left her confined to a wheelchair. Even more astonishing was the news that came a few days later, when authorities announced that Dee’s Dee’s daughter Gypsy Rose and her boyfriend had been arrested for the murder.

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