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As someone who grew up watching the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling with my grandmother, the news that Netflix would be producing a new series inspired by the ragtag women’s wrestling league certainly piqued my interest. Created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, and executive produced by Orange is the New Black mastermind Jenji Kohan, GLOW is a highly fictionalized retelling of the events that led to the promotion’s creation in the mid-1980s.

Shared universes are all the rage in Hollywood right now, but so far only the comic book universes of Marvel and DC have managed to get up and running. Universal wants a piece of the action and is developing their own connected films using their catalog of classic monsters for their Dark Universe films. Tom Cruise has been tasked with launching the franchise with The Mummy and it’s clear the Dark Universe has scary prospects as a continued existence.

As Universal Studios is set to release the beginning of its shared “Dark Universe” with the reboot of The Mummy, now is the perfect time to revisit the first and original shared cinematic universe with the classic thirties horror icons. While often referred to as the Legacy Films of Horror, the original films released by Universal in the early thirties lasting until the sci-fi horror films of the mid-fifties are considered by many to be the base foundation of the modern “talkie” horror film.

Following closely on the heels of February’s release of Pinocchio, another Disney classic is getting an updated Blu-Ray offering with Bambi: Anniversary Edition, the latest entry into the Signature Collection of Disney home video releases. The audio and video presentations are identical to the 2011 Diamond Edition, and most of the special features from that version are included here, but there are a handful of new additions that might catch the interest of collectors.

More than 25 years after the animated classic first captivated audiences, Beauty and the Beast returned to cinema screens in a stunningly beautiful live-action version that became one of the studio’s most successful ventures yet, grossing more than $1.2 billion worldwide. This week, the film makes its way to home video in a packed Blu-ray release, and we’ve been fortunate enough to revisit the film and dive into the supplements. 

Demetri Martin is best known for his hilarious and thoughtful stand-up and his well received Comedy Central show Important Things with Demetri Martin. After writing several screenplays that never got produced, Martin decided to write a smaller, more personal story which resulted in his first feature film Dean – a somewhat autobiographical story of a father and son struggling to move on after tragic loss.

The journey of the world’s most iconic superheroine to her first solo adventure on the big screen has been a long and arduous one for DC Comic’s Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman. From an abandoned Joss Whedon film project in 2007 to an endless line of studio execs convinced a female could not anchor a major tentpole superhero film, it seemed the princess of Themyscira might never take her place in theaters as one of the comic book greats. Wonder no more fans, you can all breathe a huge sigh of relief and revel in the fact that…

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales brings the iconic Jack Sparrow back to the big screen for his fifth adventure in the blockbuster franchise and attempts to right the wrongs of the past few films. Most would agree that the franchise got progressively worse after the groundbreaking first installment and many felt the magic of the world that director Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp created was lost forever. While the new film looked like an utter cash grab, thankfully Dead Men Tell No Tales gets enough right to prove there are still Pirate tales worth telling.

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