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The Death of Superman story has already been told once in animated movie form, but the team behind the DC Universe Animated Films wanted another crack at this iconic event. This time out they incorporated the continuity of the current Justice League animated films and Jerry O’Connell gets his shot at playing the Big Blue Boyscout in his most heroic and dire confrontation ever. 

Fox’s X-Men drama The Gifted really found its legs in the back half of the first season leaving the characters split down the middle and ready for war in the upcoming second season. Nerd Rep was asked to take part in roundtable interviews with the cast of the hit show at Comic-Con 2018 to get the goods on what fans of the muties can expect. Watch our video interview below via our YouTube page to hear all about the threats of Season 2 including Purifiers and Warlocks along with a time jump and where we find The Strucker family at…

If you scroll through Denzel Washington’s lengthy resume, one thing you won’t find is a sequel: the two-time Academy Award winner has never returned to the same role twice. But there must have been something about his experience shooting 2014’s The Equalizer that he connected with, because for the first time in his career the legendary leading man is stepping back into the shoes of a character he previously portrayed.

The works of Stephen King have thrilled and scared for decades as well as being adapted into numerous successful (and not so successful) television and film adaptations. But non-King fans may not be aware that author is known to drop multiple Easter eggs and references to his other works in each novel  – essentially creating a literary shared universe, which brings us to the genesis of J.J. Abrams’ new mystery-horror series Castle Rock premiering July 25 on Hulu.

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