First Official Look at Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’


Even though filming ended over a year ago, Mad Max: Fury Road has been surprisingly quiet on the news front, aside from some very positive early test screenings and a couple of black and white unofficial photos. EW has now broken down that barrier with their exclusive reveal of the first color photo of Tom Hardy as Max and Charlize Theron as her new character, Imperator Furiosa. The photo will be debuting on the cover of this week’s EW magazine, releasing on Friday. Check it out below:

Mad Max Photo 01

Theron’s character hasn’t been seen in any of the unofficial photos, but this shot offers quite a lot to digest. Obviously, the shaved head evokes a bit of Sigourney Weaver in Alien 3, but even more badass is the apparent cybernetic prosthetic arm holding some sort of periscope device. Theron’s character has seen some shit.

Hardy seems predictably dystopian cool in the role originally made famous by Mel Gibson, and hopefully this first salvo of official info (and surely more photos in the EW article) means a teaser trailer will be arriving soon. Thoughts? Is this a reboot that you’re actually excited about?

Mad Max: Fury Road is being directed by George Miller (the man responsible for the original films) and is scheduled to be released in May 2015.


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