‘Noah’ trailer: Russell Crowe is not alone.


Last month, we brought word of conflict between Paramount Pictures and director Darren Aronofsky over the final cut of upcoming Biblical epic Noah, starring Russell Crowe as the ark-building environmentalist. While we still don’t know what resolution (if any) was agreed upon by the two parties, with only a few short months until the film hits theaters, it’s time to fire up the marketing machine.

Paramount has delivered two full-length trailers for the film, so we’ll kick things off with the domestic trailer, courtesy of Apple.


And here’s the international trailer, which I think is the stronger of the two. Thanks to Paramount Pictures UK for this one.

I’m definitely intrigued by this footage, and it’s clear that Aronosfky has made an incredibly ambitious film, but I’m still concerned with how much of the director’s unique vision will be preserved in the final cut that goes out to theaters in the spring. If you’re going to hire a director like Aronofsky, then you shouldn’t be surprised when he turns in an Aronofsky film.

With a supporting cast that includes Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins, Noah will open in theaters on March 28, 2014.


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