Michael C. Hall talks spirituality, secrets in “Dexter.”


The sixth season of Dexter is quickly approaching, and while I’m mildly disappointed that it won’t be premiering on my birthday weekend like it has the past few years, I’m not about to let that affect my excitement for the return of my favorite serial killer.  Michael C. Hall recently spoke with IGN and shed some light on the motives behind Dexter’s new interest in religion:

“It’s his son. I think it’s taking responsibility for the fact that his son needs more than to be shielded from Dexter’s dark passenger. He also will need something positive… It’s an awareness that his son may have an appetite for those things that Dexter at least doesn’t consciously have that brings him to an appreciation that it’s something he might want to explore. I think all the characters in one way or the other will serve to move him along in his path – a path that characterizes the season, towards examining his own relationship to spirituality.  [The writers have] taken him to places he’s never imagined himself going – but even I never imagined him going to the place where he’s being taken in the sixth season.”

There have been many close calls over the years, but none so close as the moment when Deb almost discovered Dexter’s secret at the end of season five.  How much longer can Dexter keep his dark passenger hidden from Deb before she finds out the truth?

[Long pause] If and when it happens, it will be a game-changer, I’ll say that much.

And what about Lumen, who left the show at the end of last season?  Can fans look forward to a reunion?

She is unique among characters in Dexter’s world in that she’s the only one who’s found out the truth or at least part of the truth about him and has survived to know it. That prospect is compelling, as are many. I don’t know what’s going to happen with that.

The sixth season of Dexter premieres October 2nd on Showtime.  Check out the trailer below: