Marvel prepares to enter the “Age of Ultron.”


age of ultron 02

With the competitors recently wrapping up their Death of the Family crossover event, Marvel is preparing to unleash the Age of Ultron on the Marvel U. After an acclaimed run on The Avengers, Brian Michael Bendis is leaving us with a swan song of sorts, and the A.I. villain Ultron has taken over everything. Beginning with three issues in March and spanning a total of ten installments, it appears Hank Pym’s greatest creation has finally gotten his revenge. Fortunately for our wallets, it seems Marvel has learned from some of their mistakes in the past and has streamlined this limited series to crossover with only seven other titles. But don’t let the small number of titles fool you – Bendis is claiming this story will change everything.

While there’s plenty of internet speculation as to what might happen, early covers suggest Bendis will be utilizing several of his favorite characters, and it looks like Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and Moon Knight will be taking center stage. The synopsis tells us that Ultron has taken over and only a few heroes are free to challenge him. Some of the heroes are trying to find a solution by looking to the future, while others may be traveling into the past to prevent Ultron from ever being created – but if they’re successful, perhaps the butterfly effect could be worse than Ultron himself.

age of ultron 01

Can this story live up to the impact of Avengers vs X-Men? With the changes Spider-Man has gone through, will we get a chance to see what kind of hero the “new” Spider-Man can be? And will someone make the ultimate sacrifice to stop Ultron (my money’s on Moon Knight)? With all this, it seems Bendis is saving his best Avengers story for last, especially with the tease that the last page of the story will be “a brain-numbing shock.”

Marvel’s Age of Ultron begins shipping this week.