‘Logan’ Trailer: Wolverine Still Has Time… But Not Much


For the past 16 years, Hugh Jackman has been the only actor to portray the popular X-Men character Wolverine on the big screen. He’s appeared in every single X-Men film, as well as two standalone adventures, and next year he’ll be walking away from the role after his final performance in Logan.

It was just two weeks ago that we learned the title of the third – and final – Wolverine solo film, and now 20th Century Fox has revealed the incredibly emotional first trailer for Logan. Check it out below.

Set long after the events of the previous X-Men films (except maybe Days of Future Past), Logan finds a world where mutants have nearly become extinct. Wolverine is growing older, his healing factor no longer functioning, and has taken to numbing the pain with alcohol. But when Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) discovers a young girl with abilities, he realizes that mutants still have a chance to survive, and urges his old friend to get involved.

With a post-apocalyptic Western atmosphere and obvious influences from the Old Man Logan comic book storyline, this looks like it could easily be Wolverine’s most exciting and emotional journey yet. I absolutely love the vibe of this trailer, and it promises to offer a very different adventure for Wolverine than we’ve previously seen. It also looks like Jackman intends to go out on a high note, with a powerful, heart-rending performance that will close the book on his legendary run as the character.

With a supporting cast that also includes Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant and Elizabeth Rodriguez, Logan will hit theaters on March 3, 2017.



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