‘iZombie’ Season 2 Trailer: I Can Assure You, It isn’t Funny


iZombie is by far the lowest profile of the DC Comics properties on The CW, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a ton of fun. The snarky take on a modern zombie girl trying to solve crimes in this crazy world is back for Season 2!

Check out the iZombie Season 2 “State of the Dead” trailer via The CW below:

Sure, it’s easy to forget about iZombie when The Flash and Arrow are burning up the small screen on The CW, but I went back and watched iZombie‘s first season over the summer and grew to really love the characters and show. It’s definitely not at all anything like the graphic novel on which it’s based, but if viewed as zombie show from Veronica Mars mastermind Rob Thomas, it delivers on all the dark humor, twists, and mysteries that you’d expect from Thomas.

The trailer itself highlights the more fun tone of the series, but things got brutal in Season 1 and I’m sure we can expect bigger and scarier things from Vaughn Du Clark (Stephen Weber) and Blaine (David Anders) in Season 2.

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