‘Horrible Bosses’ director to helm ‘Uncharted’ adaptation for Sony.


Uncharted, the film adaptation based on Sony’s bestselling video game franchise of the same name, has had a long and difficult journey to the big screen. David O. Russell was attached to direct at one point, although his vision of the film bore little resemblance to the source material, and he ultimately left the project over a disagreement with Sony and Columbia Pictures. Limitless director Neil Burger was brought in next, with a new screenplay being commissioned from the team behind National Treasure. That version also went nowhere, and Burger walked away in 2012.

There’s been very little news since Burger’s departure, but Deadline is reporting that Seth Gordon, best known for directing Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief, has just been hired to direct the film. He’ll be working from a recent draft by Safe House scribe David Guggenheim, whose work apparently impressed enough people that he was subsequently tapped to write Bad Boys 3.

Gordon is no stranger to the video games, having immersed himself in the culture while directing the acclaimed documentary The King of Kong, so this feels like a bit of a homecoming. Protagonist Nathan Drake is also known for his sense of humor, so Gordon’s experience with high profile comedies should also serve as a plus.

Will Gordon finally be the director that cracks the code and makes a successful (and faithful) video game adaptation? It’s possible. But the character of Nathan Drake has become so iconic, the casting of the role will be a major factor. With Sony hoping to enter production by the end of 2014, we may know more about Uncharted,┬áincluding potential stars, in the very near future.