Harrison Ford back in the saddle for “Black Hats.”


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harrison Ford has attached himself to another western-themed role, this time as an aging Wyatt Earp in the adaptation of Black Hats, based on the novel by Max Allan Collins (writing under the pseudonym Patrick Culhane).

A description of the novel from Publishers Weekly:

In 1920, 70-year-old Wyatt Earp, who’s working as a PI in Los Angeles, is hired by “Big Nosed Kate” Elder, the widow of his best friend, Doc Holliday. Kate wants Wyatt to go to New York and help her speakeasy-owning son, John (fathered by Doc as he was dying), who has fallen afoul of a local tough guy, the young Alphonse Capone. In New York, Wyatt teams with another old pal, Morning Telegraph sportswriter Bat Masterson. It’s a fabulous setup, and Culhane has all the skills and experience to bring these great characters leaping off the page. The bad guys may have organized gangs and tommy guns, but in the end these whippersnappers are no match for Wyatt’s cunning and 10-inch-long-barreled .45. The exigencies of historical fact force Culhane into a tamer ending than some readers might like, but the sheer fun of riding along with the two old lawmen and their memories will run roughshod over any quibbles or complaints.

The producers have yet to approach studios, hoping to build a package around Ford, who was reportedly intrigued by the idea of a Wild West-era gunfighter facing down thugs in 1920s New York.


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