Graphic Novel Giveaway: ‘Justice League Vol. 6: The People Vs. The Justice League’


Whether or not you head to your local comic book shop weekly or wait for the collected editions, Justice League should always be on your pull list. Your pals at The Nerd Repository and the Drinks and Discourse Podcast are giving away TWO copies of the Justice League Vol. 6: The People Vs. The Justice League collected edition to our lucky readers and subscribers.

DC Comic’s Rebirth era continues and in Justice League Vol. 6, the League is confronted by three concurrent threats, and a sleep-deprived Batman makes a crucial error that causes an unthinkable—and potentially unforgivable—tragedy. The team must regain its balance quickly, as an alien infestation threatens the Earth. But nothing can prepare them for an attack closer to home…one that will reveal devastating truths about the League itself! Collects issues #34-39 and you can check out the cover art and some interior pics below:

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Justice League Vol. 6: The People Vs. The Justice League hits shelves on June 26th. Didn’t win our givewaway? Purchase your copy through The Nerd Repository Store HERE!


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