First Full-Length Trailer for ‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’


We’re four weeks away from the premiere of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix, and after weeks of teaser clips slowly trickling out, the studio finally pulled back the curtain and dropped a full-length trailer this morning.

The first Jessica Jones trailer debuted via Twitter. Check it out below:

Marvel’s previous Netflix exclusive, Daredevil, was easily the studio’s darkest material yet, but it looks like Jessica Jones might be wading even further into the abyss. Jessica (Krysten Ritter) is trying to rebuild her life after a failed attempt at being a superhero, but an alcohol addiction and a bad attitude aren’t making it easy for her. She decides to reinvent herself as a private investigator, but as she begins trying to help others, she attracts the attention of an old enemy.

We only get brief glimpses of Kilgrave (David Tennant) in this footage, but he comes across every bit as sinister and deadly as Daredevil‘s Wilson Fisk, with the added bonus of having supernatural power that can influence the actions of others – including our heroine.

This trailer also offers up an introduction to Luke Cage (Mike Colter), who will be getting a series of his own, tentatively expected for release late next year. Luke Cage will be followed by Iron Fist, with the plan for all four Netflix superheroes to team up in the limited series event, The Defenders.

The supporting cast of the new series is rounded out by Rachael Taylor, Carrie-Anne Moss, Eka Darville, Erin Moriarty, and Wil Traval. Jessica Jones will release all 13 episodes of its first season on November 20, exclusively on Netflix.