‘Friday the 13th’ Series Being Developed for The CW


Look out, hunky vampires and DC Comics superheroes, Jason Voorhees might be coming to The CW. Network president Mark Pedowitz announced yesterday during The CW’s presentation at the summer TCAs that a drama series based on the beloved horror franchise Friday the 13th is currently being worked up.

Steve Mitchell & Craig Van Sickle, creators of the 1996 NBC series The Pretender, told Deadline, “They are now in development” on the series. Deadline goes on with some inside information from their source on the basis of the new Friday the 13th series:

I hear that in the series reimagines the masked Jason with a stronger feel of grounded reality. Described as a sophisticated, horror/crime thriller, the potential Friday The 13th series is about the ongoing quest of a detective’s search for his missing brother that is somehow tied to Jason Voorhees, a long thought dead serial killer who has now returned to wreak havoc in the new Crystal Lake.

Hmm, definitely sounds like they are going for a long-term story arc, adding in the detective and his missing brother. Thankfully the description makes no mention of love triangles or any of the other common CW clichés.

A Friday the 13th TV series had been in the works since last year from Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films and Crystal Lake Entertainment, with a script from Bill Basso (Terminator) and Jordu Schell (Avatar) that re-imagined Jason Voorhees through multiple time periods. Ugh.

This won’t be Friday the 13th‘s first slash into television, if anyone remembers the truly awful Friday the 13: The Series from the late 80s, which had nothing to do with the film franchise. Not only is this remake series in the works, but The CW is also developing new shows based on The Notebook, Little Women, Frequency, and the classic characters from Archie Comics for a show called Riverdale.

No premiere date has been set for Friday the 13th. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if the series gets picked up and casting commences.


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