‘Fantastic Four’ reboot adds Kate Mara and Jamie Bell.


Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise has generated nearly as many rumors about casting and plot details as Star Wars: Episode VII, but Variety has it on good authority that some of those rumors are starting to come true. According to the outlet, Michael B. Jordan is officially attached to play Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), and an offer has gone out to Miles Teller for the role of Reed Richards.

Those two names have been in the mix for awhile, but the more interesting news is that House of Cards star Kate Mara has just finalized her deal to play The Invisible Woman, Sue Storm. She was apparently scheduled to screen test for the role last fall before Simon Kinberg stepped in to polish the script, which is said to be influenced by the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic series, featuring younger versions of the characters, reimagined for the modern age.

Lastly, the article says that Jamie Bell is the studio’s top choice to play Ben Grimm (aka The Thing), and that an offer should be extended shortly. Bell is an interesting choice, as his name hasn’t come up before, but his experience with motion capture on The Adventures of Tintin should serve him well, as the studio will likely opt for a CG version of the character.

There’s still no word on which villain will be featured, or who might be in the running, but with Fantastic Four expected to open on June 19, 2015, expect more news in the coming weeks. Chronicle director Josh Trank will helm the film, with Matthew Vaughn and Gregory Goodman producing.