Entertainment Weekly releases first official photos from “The Avengers.”


The Avengers will grace the cover of tomorrow’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, and photos from the issue have begun to make their way online.  First things first, let’s check out the cover itself.

I’ve gotta say… this cover is awful.  A well-established publication should be ashamed at the piss-poor Photoshop job done here.  It’s ludicrous.  And what’s going on with everyone’s facial expressions?  Chris Evans looks uncomfortable, like maybe he needs to go to the bathroom, Chris Hemsworth is obviously bored, irritated, or both, and why the hell is Mark Ruffalo making the same face that twenty-something girls make in their Facebook photos?  Knock that shit off.

Anyway, up next are portraits of the six characters from the cover (essentially solo versions of the above photos), as well as a few production stills from the set.

And finally, a few lower-quality images, presumably scanned from the interior of the EW article. We’ll update with high-res versions as soon as they become available.

The Avengers will hit theaters on May 4, 2012.



  1. EW got a home run with this scoop. But yeah, the cover is pretty craptastic. Ruffalo/Banner’s “blue steel” pose is awful and not Banner-esque at all. But nice to the see the Lord Joss Whedon kicking it with Evans, Downey & Hemsworth in the one shot.

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