EA launches “Free Agent Forecast” in wake of NFL lockout end.


The four-month NFL lockout has finally come to a close, and while teams are scrambling to complete personnel operations in just a few short weeks, EA Sports is trying to reassure their fans that they will be ready to quickly adapt to any changes that could potentially impact Madden NFL 12, and have recently launched the “Free Agent Forecast”.

From the site:

Football is back and your favorite team might hit the free agency jackpot with players like Nnamdi Asomugha, Santonio Holmes, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens potentially available. New rules and a new beginning in the NFL mean we’re going to see more talent on the open market and a player shopping frenzy that normally takes months condensed into mere weeks.

Our Madden NFL 12 Free Agent Forecast will get you caught up on the free agents that could have the biggest impact in the NFL and in Madden NFL 12. Have a look at where we think they might go and check back often, because once the pieces start moving, you’ll see the new faces in their new places right here, first!

In addition, EA has also released a short trailer celebrating the return of NFL football.