E3 2012: ‘Tomb Raider’ gameplay demo.


Last week, we brought you an early look at the violent, gritty reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise with a sneak preview of the title’s E3 trailer. While there’s no denying that the trailer looked fantastic, the gameplay looks even better, as evidenced by a live demo during Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Check out the footage below for a glimpse of what Tomb Raider will look like, thanks to IGN.


Developer Crystal Dynamics is obviously borrowing heavily from Sony’s immensely successful Uncharted franchise, but seems to be heading in a much darker direction with material. The unflinching violence in this footage seems to confirm that publisher Square Enix is targeting a Mature rating, a first for the franchise. Everything about Tomb Raider looks great, and with the better part of a year until the title’s scheduled release date, there’s plenty of time for improvement.


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