‘Don’t Breathe’ Trailer: Who’s Hiding in the Dark?


There’s something special about attending the world premiere of a film in the Midnighters category at SXSW. Last year, I was fortunate enough to be present for the first screening of The Final Girls, a hilarious send-up of 80s horror cliches that played to a raucous audience, and this year my wife and I were in the room for Don’t Breathe, the latest offering from Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez.

In my review, I called Don’t Breathe “a full-speed descent into terror and suspense that will leave your pulse racing long after you’ve left the theater,” and noted that instead of the gore-laden approach he took to Sam Raimi’s cult classic, “Alvarez has traded severed limbs and arterial sprays for a more grounded, realistic approach, and it works to great effect.”

If you want to see what all the hype was about, Sony Pictures dropped a trailer for the film this morning, and you can check it out here – but beware, it contains spoilers for a handful of the best scares in the film.

If you prefer your horror trailers to be a bit more opaque, allowing you to experience the major thrills and chills from the comfort of a theater seat instead of camped out in front of your laptop, then check out this international trailer instead. It gives you a good sense of the film’s tone without letting you see too much.

Starring Stephen Lang, Jane Levy and Dylan Minnette, Sony Pictures is set to release Don’t Breathe on August 26.