Comic Review: ‘Fight Club 2’ – Issue #1


The sequel no one thought would every happen is coming to Dark Horse Comics as author Chuck Palahniuk returns to the trippy, psychotic world of Tyler Durden with Fight Club 2. It’s been 10 years since the events of Project Mayhem (longer in real life) and our lead character, known previously only as The Narrator (played by Ed Norton in the film), has finally been given a name: Sebastian. Sebastian has been living in medicated seclusion with his now wife, Marla Singer, and their son in suburbia.

Turns out that Sebastian spent a few years in an institution after Project Mayhem and not everything he remembers doing, actually happened. Fight Club 2 is not a direct sequel to the film, but instead continues the novel written by Palahniuk. This story differs a bit from the Fight Club film, because in the novel a few things like the “pulling the trigger” are left up to interpretation, whereas the film had to visually commit. Hence why Sebastian doesn’t have facial scars from attempted suicide.

But during the ten years of prescription drugged complacency, Marla Singer has slowly slipped back into her old ways. She’s morbidly (and hilariously) going to extremely inappropriate support groups again and missing the danger of her old life. All the while, both parents are neglecting their suspiciously unnamed son, who is starting to exhibit some interesting weird behavior for a young boy.

But obviously things can’t stay quiet for too long and Marla decides she wants a bit of the old danger back in her life and Sebastian finds himself once again loosing control.


For those concerned about returning to the world of Fight Club, I can assure you that issue #1 of Fight Club 2 feels like Fight Club. Palahniuk’s writing is still paranoid, anarchistic, and wildly sexual. Sebastian, Marla and (spoiler) Tyler Durden all still have the same voices that you could easily read with the Fight Club film’s cast in mind. Eisner Award winning artist Cameron Stewart does differentiate the look of the characters a bit, but there’s enough there to recognize the characters and the art overall is excellent – especially in the more stylized panels.

The issue also does some neat style choices such as having pills laying over pages to obstruct panels or word bubbles that aren’t integral to what is happening. My first impression was that they were trying to keep story secrets, but further in you see it’s really just a meta thing to convey that the reader of the comic is also taking pills and leaving them on the pages.

The first issue of Fight Club 2 does a great job of establishing where the main characters have spent the last ten years and setting up the mischief that is about to go down. Palahniuk hasn’t missed a beat with these characters and reading this issue feels like no time has passed since being introduced to these extremely disturbed individuals. Tyler Durden lives and fans should be very excited to enlist in Project Mayhem when issue #1 hits stands on May 27th.


Chuck Palahniuk still really knows how to write for these characters, proving any naysayers wrong, that thought a sequel to the original couldn't be done.

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