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‘Favor’ trailer: we all make messes.

favor VOD trailer 2

We recently brought you the trailer for Paul Osborne’s festival hit Favor, which is scheduled for a VOD release on April 22. The dark tale centers on a Kip (Blayne Weaver), whose life is thrown into upheaval after a series of events leaves him standing in a hotel room with a dead body on the floor. In desperation, he turns ... Read More »

‘Godzilla’ trailer: you have no idea what’s coming.

godzilla trailer 3

With a little more than a month before Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla reboot stomps into theaters, Warner Bros. has released an extended trailer that shows off quite a bit of new footage, while still keeping the beast itself mostly shrouded in mystery. There’s also a few new scenes featuring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, as well as a very brief glimpse ... Read More »

‘The Expendables 3′ trailer: about time the boys showed up.

expendables 3 trailer

The Expendables are back, with an even bigger roster than the first two films. Sylvester Stallone once again leads a massive collection of aging action stars for this tale of bullets, explosions, and one-liners, which promises to be bigger, louder, and more absurd than the previous two outings. If you don’t believe us, just check out this trailer (courtesy of ... Read More »

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ trailer: people want heroes.

teenage mutant ninja turtles trailer

While plenty of die-hard fans are eager to discuss their hatred for Michael Bay and his Transformers films, the box office receipts are hard to argue with. Sure, the characters and events bear little resemblance to the 80s cartoon series, but money talks, right? Now the controversial director is turning an eye toward another property that has plenty of built-in ... Read More »

‘Favor’ trailer: Phoenix Film Festival hit comes to VOD.

favor trailer header

After making its world premiere at the 2013 Phoenix Film Festival and taking home the award for Best Screenplay, Paul Osborne’s Favor went on to become a huge hit at film festivals across the nation. One year later, the film is finally headed out of the festival circuit and into your homes, with a VOD release scheduled for April 22. ... Read More »

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ trailer: how many times have we been here?

edge of tomorrow trailer 2

It’s been awhile since we saw the first trailer for Edge of Tomorrow, which is best described as a sort of Groundhog’s Day meets Starship Troopers hybrid. Doug Liman directs this futuristic thriller, about an officer (Tom Cruise) who dies during a climactic battle against an alien force, only to find himself reborn on the same day. Stuck in an ... Read More »

Final trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2.’

amazing spider-man 2 final trailer

Sony has spared no expense with the marketing for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with a huge array of trailers and TV spots over the past few months. Today, they’ve released the final trailer for the film, which features a tremendous amount of action and plenty of new footage.   This looks great, but it really feels like Sony has given ... Read More »

‘Maleficent’ trailer: evil, hatred, and revenge, courtesy of Angelina Jolie.

maleficent trailer 3

We’ve gotten several looks at Disney’s Sleeping Beauty prequel Maleficent over the past few months, starring Angelina Jolie as the titular Mistress of All Evil. This third (and likely final) trailer is the best yet, setting the stage for a thrilling fantasy adventure that purports to reveal the “true” story of the sorceress and her origins. Jolie’s embodiment of Disney’s ... Read More »

‘The Maze Runner’ trailer: rise and shine, greenie.

maze runner trailer

Hollywood continues to churn out adaptations of young adult novels in hopes of striking box office gold, and while most of these projects feature a female protagonist, 20th Century Fox is looking to change things up with The Maze Runner. Based on the novel by James Dasher, the story follows Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) as he wakes up to find himself ... Read More »


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