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‘Furious 7′ Super Bowl Trailer: One Last Ride

furious 7 super bowl trailer

The wildly successful Fast and Furious franchise was rocked in late 2013 when series star Paul Walker was killed in a car accident while on a break from filming the seventh installment. After much discussion, Universal Pictures elected to move forward with production on Furious 7, rewriting the script in an effort to honor Walker’s memory, while taking advantage of the ... Read More »

‘Tomorrowland’ Super Bowl Trailer: Buckle Up!

tomorrowland super bowl trailer

The first Tomorrowland trailer was a teaser in every sense of the word, raising plenty of questions but telling us very little about what to expect from director Brad Bird’s newest collaboration with Disney. The film’s Super Bowl trailer follows suit, giving us a better glimpse behind the curtain, but still keeping maintaining a sense of mystery. Check out the ... Read More »

‘Ted 2′ Trailer: Legalize Ted

ted 2 trailer header

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Ted – while it definitely had its moments, I thought the film wore out its welcome long before the ending. But Seth MacFarlane’s foul-mouthed teddy bear was a box office sensation, raking in a huge sum of money for Universal, and a sequel was inevitable. Today, we got our first look at that sequel, which ... Read More »

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Trailer: I Don’t Do Romance

fifty shades of grey trailer 3

In just over a month, the long-awaited adaptation of bestselling novel Fifty Shades of Grey will open in theaters, and will attempt to live up to the impossible expectations of fans around the globe. While there has already been plenty of talk about the novel’s graphic sexuality being toned down for the film version, Focus Features are still trying to create a ... Read More »

‘The Lazarus Effect’ Trailer: Did I Just Die?

lazarus effect trailer

Blumhouse Productions is responsible for some of the most iconic horror films in recent memory, including Paranormal Activity, Insidious and The Purge. The next effort from Jason Blum’s hugely profitable little company is The Lazarus Effect, which follows a group of med students (including Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde and Donald Glover) that discover they can bring people back from the dead ... Read More »

‘The Peanuts Movie’ Trailer: Dare to Dream Big

peanuts movie 01

A few weeks ago, we got our very first look at The Peanuts Movie, a new big screen adventure featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts characters created by Charles Schultz. While the idea of a 3D, CG-animated adventure sounds daunting at first, the previous footage indicated that the filmmakers are hewing very closely to the look and ... Read More »

‘True Story’ Trailer: Why Did You Pick Me?

true story trailer

James Franco’s latest film, The Interview, may not be screening in your area anytime soon, but there shouldn’t be any foreign leaders trying to prevent the release of his next project. True Story tells the… well, true story… of Christian Longo (Franco), a family man accused of murdering his family, who then disappears, assuming the identity of former New York Times ... Read More »

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Trailer: Here They Come Again

mad max fury road trailer 2

Remember that Mad Max Fury Road trailer we saw a few months ago at Comic-Con? As it turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg. With the film’s release date less than 6 months away, Warner Bros. has unleashed a bigger, louder, crazier look at the fourth installment of George Miller’s iconic franchise.  Read More »

‘Inside Out’ Trailer: Well, That Was a Disaster

disney pixar inside out trailer

We got a brief look at Pixar’s Inside Out a few months ago, courtesy of a teaser trailer that contained just a few seconds of footage. Now, Disney is giving us a better look at the film via the first full-length trailer, which does a fantastic job of communicating the film’s concept, that our emotions are actually characters that interact with ... Read More »

‘San Andreas’ Trailer: It All Falls Apart

san andreas trailer

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to cement himself as a major movie star, and he’ll be headlining another studio tentpole next summer with the release of San Andreas, which tells the story of a helicopter rescue pilot trying to locate his daughter after a catastrophic earthquake levels the city of Los Angeles. It’s the first true quake-themed flick since 1974’s Earthquake, and ... Read More »

‘Terminator: Genisys’ Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

terminator genisys trailer

When we found out that a trailer for Terminator: Genisys was coming this week, we crossed our fingers and hopes that it would look better than the photos from Entertainment Weekly’s reveal a few weeks ago. And you know what? It actually DOES look better. There are a lot of questions raised here, so see for yourself. Read More »


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