Black Superhero The Falcon is the New Captain America


Sam ‘The Falcon’ Wilson is the new Captain America, per an announcement made by Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada on The Colbert Report. This is the second massive announcement this week for their comic book universe, following on the heels of the reveal of a new female Thor (story here). The change is part of the comic conglomerate’s Marvel NOW! initiate that is shaking up the A-List cast of The Avengers.

The Falcon has seen a surge in popularity recently, with prominent roles in both the Avengers: Assemble animated series and an extremely well-received part in Captain America: The Winter Solider played by Anthony Mackie. While notably Sam Wilson is of African-American decent, he is not even the first black Captain America. According to, Isiah Bradley had the mantle in the 1920’s before even Steve Rodgers.

The following photo was revealed on The Colbert Report then later tweeted out by Marvel. Check it out:

Falcon Captain America 01

I certainly appreciate the bold moves Marvel is taking to add some diversity to its core lineup. We know Thor is still around, just unworthy, when the new female takes the hammer, but what is happening to Steve Rogers? They’ve already killed him during Civil War and brought him back, so will he just retire? Die again?

The answers will hopefully be revealed when Sam Wilson becomes the new Cap in issue #21 of Captain America.