‘Arrow’ Season 4 Trailer: You Don’t Know Me, Do You?


Arrow fans are mere weeks away from the debut of Season 4, and at long last the trailer Stephen Amell and the executive producers have been teasing is here. 

Watch the jam-packed, action-heavy Arrow Season 4 trailer that gets the gang all back together below, via Warner Bros TV’s YouTube page:

Well, that certainly was a lot to take in! Looks like the quiet suburban life won’t last long for Oliver and Felicity as the new Team Arrow (with superhero outfit Diggle!) is back in Star City almost immediately. And yes, the city finally has the DC Comics name “Star” City and not “Starling” City in a fun tribute to the “deceased” Ray Palmer.

Other fun things to note are the rebirth cameo of Sarah Lance, obviously setting up her appearance on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. There’s also a brief glimpse of Matt Ryan reprising his role as John Constantine on the show, and it looks like Thea, aka Speedy, is going to have some lingering side effects from the Lazarus Pit, including those pesky bouts of insanity.

The footage also has the first look at Mr. Terrific (Echo Kellum) before he dons his bombastic superhero moniker and is just another tech nerd. Are those uSpheres I see??

And of course I have to mention Neal McDonough, Damien Darhk, getting a lot of screen time. While I care very little for the actual character of Darhk, McDonough is a phenomenal actor and excels at playing eccentric villains. He looks like he’ll be a lot of fun going toe-to-toe with Oliver/Green Arrow this season. And yes, it appears Oliver will actually be the Green Arrow in Season 4 – even the arrows in his quiver appear to be bright green, and I love it.

Arrow Season 4 premieres on Wednesday, October 7th, only The CW.