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Arnold Schwarzenegger talks ‘Terminator: Genesis,’ reveals news details.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks ‘Terminator: Genesis,’ reveals news details.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors surrounding Terminator: Genesis, but there hasn’t been much in the way of official news regarding the film’s plot. But in an interview with MTV News to promote his upcoming film Sabotage, Arnold Schwarzenegger was happy to divulge a few surprising details about his return to the iconic role.

One of the things that has to be addressed is the level of action that has become synonymous with the Terminator franchise, and Schwarzenegger admitted that it’s not getting any easier:

“It will be challenging because it will be a new director, and it will be a really action packed movie. And sometimes it does get more difficult when you’re 66 years old and doing this kind of action, versus when you’re in your 30s or in your 40s.”

Which begs the question, how will Schwarzenegger step back into a role that he originated thirty years ago, and expect the audience to suspend their disbelief?

“The way that the character is written, it’s a machine underneath. It’s this metal skeleton. But above that is human flesh. And the Terminator’s flesh ages, just like any other human being’s flesh. Maybe not as fast. But it definitely ages.”

Interesting approach, and certainly not one that we’ve considered. But it also sounds like we may see more than one version of the lethal cyborg in the new film:

Terminator deals a lot with time travel, so there will be a younger T-800, and then what that model does later on when it gets reprogrammed, and who gets ahold of him. So it will be all kinds of interesting twists in the movie, but I feel so good.”

Multiple Terminators? Alternate timelines? Arnold donning the leather jacket and sunglasses once again? Sign us up for this one. You can watch the entire interview from MTV News via the embed below.


Terminator: Genesis, which also stars Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, and Jai Courtney, begins shooting next month, and will hit theaters on July 1, 2015.

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  • CComry

    Enough already. Terminator is done. Deal with it.

  • JD101


  • http://www.youtube.com/somejackball somejackball

    gonna take some work! haha


  • ben franklin

    I predict another stinker like the last one. It isn’t hard to do. Hasn’t been one i could sit through since T2. This one wont be it either.


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