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Four heroes, fives seasons on Netflix and everything has led to this – Marvel’s small screen super team is finally coming together this week in Netflix’s The Defenders. The streaming giant provided us with the first four episodes of the The Defenders the series, and as much as I’d like to say it was unquestionably worth the wait, unfortunately most of the front half of the season is varying shades of decent and mediocre.

After taking a four-year hiatus from the world of feature films (unless you count his work as cinematographer on Magic Mike XXX), Steven Soderbergh is back with another elaborate heist caper. But while Logan Lucky shares the same DNA as the Oceans trilogy – which receives a tongue-in-cheek reference here – Soderbergh has replaced the tailored suits with blue jeans and classic rock T-shirts while supplanting the sounds of the casino floor with the roar of NASCAR engines. The result is basically the director’s version of “good ol’ boy” entertainment like Smokey and the Bandit or The Dukes of Hazzard,…

UpDirector Tommy Wirkola’s (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Dead Snow) latest film What Happened to Monday? is getting an exclusive release on Netflix this Friday, featuring Noomi Rapace (Prometheus) playing seven identical twin sisters fighting to keep their identity secret in a near future world where the government’s Child Allocation Bureau enforces their strict one child rule. Wirkola carved out some time to talk to us about the challenges of directing acting scenes with seven characters and only one actress, the film’s unique release platform, and working with legends like Willem Dafoe and Glenn Close. You can check out the…

Everyone has fond memories of their favorite childhood television shows due to the adventures the characters took or the lessons and morals learned. The new indie comedy Brigsby Bear plays with the idea of the social impact on a person’s mental state if a child was shown endless new episodes of only their favorite show throughout their development well into early adulthood – that may sound like a bizarre premise, but Brigsby Bear is one of the sweetest, most enjoyable films of the year.

After penning the critically acclaimed thrillers Sicario and Hell or High Water – the latter of which led to Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for Best Original Screenplay – Taylor Sheridan steps behind the camera for Wind River, a bleak and haunting story about a murder investigation on a snowy patch of Native American land in Wyoming. The deceased is Natalie (Kelsey Asbille), a teenage girl clad only in sweatpants and a jacket, but when the film opens she’s still very much alive, sprinting barefoot across the tundra to escape an unseen menace.

The notion of demonic possession and exorcism has long provided fodder for the horror genre to exploit, but these seemingly archaic rituals meant to rid poor, unfortunate souls of the evil lurking within are not the product of some bygone era, they’re still actively practiced in today’s Catholic church. Federica Di Giacomo’s documentary Deliver Us offers a startling depiction of these rites, focused on a group of parishioners at a small church in Sicily where Father Cataldo and his colleagues regularly perform exorcisms.

Fenar Ahmad’s brooding revenge drama┬áDarkland centers on successful surgeon Zaid (Game of Thrones alum Dar Salim), an Iraqi immigrant living in Denmark and expecting his first child with loving wife Stine (Stine Fischer Christensen). When Zaid’s ne’er-do-well younger brother Yasin (Anis Alobaidi) shows up on his doorstep begging for money to settle a debt, Zaid turns him away – a decision that leaves him guilt-stricken when a comatose Yasin is brought to the hospital the following day, beaten within an inch of his life. Forced to lay his sibling to rest, Zaid becomes obsessed with the investigation, and increasingly frustrated…

The Night Begins to Shine is currently rocking Cartoon Network with it’s 80’s-tastic Teen Titans Go! four night event, but the insanity doesn’t stop there. We got an opportunity again this year at Comic-Con to catch up again with the voice of Robin, Scott Menville, and he talked about the current epic multi-episode arc The Night Begins to Shine as well as Robin and the gang breaking the fourth wall and jumping into our world in upcoming episodes.

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” With these iconic words a sweeping, epic series of novels by Stephen King redefined genres. The plan to adapt The Dark Tower series into live-action was an elaborate and eventually unsustainable project spearheaded by Ron Howard that was to span multiple media platforms, including several films and a TV series. Audiences instead wind up with an extremely condensed version of the entire book series overstuffed into a surprisingly short film that will most likely disappoint longtime fans.

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