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Peter Jackson changes name of third ‘Hobbit’ film.

the hobbit battle of the five armies

We’re still about eight months away from the release of Peter Jackson’s third film based on The Hobbit, and today the director announced that he was changing the film’s title. Previously known as The Hobbit: There and Back Again, the film will now be called The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Jackson detailed the change in a Facebook ... Read More »

‘Jem and The Holograms’ movie announces leading cast.


Remember that live-action version of Jem and the Holograms that John M. Chu was slated to direct? Apparently, that wasn’t a joke – production has already begun, with Chu directing from a script by Ryan Landels, and earlier today The Hollywood Reporter revealed the film’s starring cast. Aubrey Peeples will portray the title character, after showcasing her vocal abilities on ... Read More »

Interview: ‘Dom Hemingway’ director Richard Shepard on Jude Law, Emilia Clarke, and ‘Girls.’

dom hemingway jude law 02

Writer and director Richard Shepard, best known for his films The Matador and The Hunting Party, is returning to theater screens with Dom Hemingway. Featuring Jude Law in a bombastic role that must be seen to believe, the film recently opened in limited release, and I was fortunate enough to speak with Richard via telephone about his experience putting the ... Read More »

WonderCon 2014 Cosplay Gallery

wondercon cosplay header

WonderCon 2014 has come and gone, and just like other pop culture conventions, it was the perfect venue for cosplayers both amateur and professional to strut their stuff. From picture-perfect depictions of beloved characters to gender-swapped renditions of iconic heroes, there was plenty of talent on display amongst this year’s crowd. Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite cosplay photos ... Read More »

WonderCon 2014: ‘Son of Batman’ cast and filmmakers discuss world premiere.

wondercon son of batman header

One of the biggest events at this year’s WonderCon was the world premiere of Son of Batman, the upcoming DC animated project inspired by Grant Morrison’s celebrated story arc in the pages of Batman comics. The film puts on a new spin on the tale, introducing new characters and altering the timeline, but manages to remain true to its origins, ... Read More »

WonderCon 2014: Ali Larter and Tina Majorino talk TNT’s ‘Legends.’

ali larter wondercon

There was plenty to see at WonderCon 2014, but among the highlights was a sneak peek at TNT’s upcoming spy drama, Legends. The new series stars Sean Bean as Martin Odum, a deep cover FBI operative who specializes in assuming new identities – called “legends” – in order to further his investigation. But after a lifetime of becoming different people, has ... Read More »

Simon Kinberg talks ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot, possible ‘X-Men’ crossover.

x-men fantastic four crossover

With the cast and director firmly in place, 20th Century Fox is gearing up to begin production on their Fantastic Four reboot. We know the film’s story will pull inspiration from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics, but we don’t know if the film will try to emulate the silliness of Fox’s previous efforts, or if they’re trying to move toward ... Read More »

Anna Paquin will appear in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’

anna paquin days of future past

Back in December, we told you that Anna Paquin’s scenes as Rogue had been but from X-Men: Days of Future Past. The news came straight from director Bryan Singer, who described an epic rescue sequence that had been excised during the editing process: “The sequence became extraneous. It’s a really good sequence and it will probably end up on the ... Read More »

‘The Rover’ trailer: fear the man with nothing to lose.

the rover trailer

Back in January, we brought you the first teaser trailer for The Rover, director David Michôd’s post-apocalyptic drama about a man (Guy Pearce) on a quest to retrieve something that was wrongly taken from him. Robert Pattinson is along for the ride as the brother of one of the thieves, being forced to cooperate in the hunt. Check out the first ... Read More »

Zack Snyder discusses ‘Batman vs. Superman’ costumes, inspiration, and more.

batman superman wonder woman

As the sequel to Man of Steel prepares to begin shooting in Detroit (or continues shooting, depending on which reports you believe), director Zack Snyder is remaining tight-lipped on plot details. But in a recent interview with Forbes, he spoke about the costumes for Batman and Wonder Woman, and the inspiration to include the Dark Knight in the film. On ... Read More »